Cor-Pro drug and alcohol programs meet ALL of your industry requirements. Through the use of our consortium you will ensure total compliance.

As per the Department of Transportation (DOT) requirements: If you employ or use the services of even ONE driver who must have a Commercial Drivers Liscense (CDL), in order to perform those services for you, you must comply with the Federal Alcohol and Drug Testing Regulations known as 49 CFR Part 382.

These regulations cover all trucking companies, school systems who operate school buses, churches with school buses, truck driver training schools, all city, state and federal governments who use CDL drivers, and all companies transporting hazardous materials in such a quantity that placards are required— even if the vehicle is a pickup truck.

The regulations require that all supervisors and drivers receive training. Supervisors must receive 2 hours of training which must be documented in their employee file. All drivers must receive 1 hour of training and information IN WRITING concerning 11 specific points, and then have a signed receipt in the driver file indicating that they have received the written material.


Did you know?

Substance abuse and mental illness cost U.S. companies over $100 billion per year in lost time, accidents, health care, and worker's compensation costs.

Substance abusers are absent three times more often and use 16 times as many health-care benefits as nonabusers

Sixty-five percent of all accidents on the job are directly related to drugs or alcohol.

Substance abusers are six times more likely than are their co-workers to file a workers' compensation claim.

Source: Cascio, Wayne F. Costing Human Resources: the Financial Impact of Behavior in Organizations. Cincinnati: South-Western College Publishing, (1999).